Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Noah was born and buried in Nakhchivan, the republic’s head believesNoah was born and buried in Nakhchivan, the republic’s head believes

Nakhchivan, April 27, Interfax – Biblical prophet Noah was born and buried in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan, chair of the republican Supreme Majlis Vasif Talybov claims.

“Nakhchyvan has an old history. This district is rich in monuments that are our national heritage. The most precious treasure the district has granted to the world is great historical personality - prophet Noah, this district is his Motherland,” he said at international symposium Prophet Noah, the Flood and Nakhchivan.

According to Talybov, researchers and travelers of ancient times and middle ages linked Noah to Nakhchivan (Noah is pronounced like Nukh in Turkic - IF) and left corresponding written proves of it, but this topic was banned in the Soviet period.

Talybov further said that ancient Greek scientist Claudius Ptolemaeus first mentioned Nakhchivan as Noah’s dwelling place in the 2nd century, renowned Arab scientist of the 16th century Al-Sharifi gave detailed information about Noah’s tomb in Nakhchivan and remains of his ark and Jewish scientist Josephus Flavius (the 1st century BC) considered Nakhchivan was the first stop of Noah’s ark.

Talybov believes not only Noah’s tomb is located in Nakhchivan, but also his relatives and followers were buried there and Russian researchers of the 20th century confirm it.